Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method is elite training for serious vocalists. Those who teach using its principles are grounded in science, medicine, clinical health and practical music marketplace reality. We have solid, reliable information to rest upon but we collaborate gratefully and willingly with our medical, clinical and scientific colleagues. We serve the needs of our students, of the music and of each other. We share information without judgement and we work from an attitude not just of service but one that says helping someone sing, or regain singing, is a healing thing to do.

Somatic Voicework™ honors the body’s wisdom and works to learn through experiential awareness what it is the throat and body need to do to stay healthy and happy. You will not find us on YouTube offering the 10 quickest tips to make you a rock star. You will not find us at any conference offering to solve every vocal problem as if by magic. We do not use jargon of any kind, we do not try to manipulate the structures inside the throat, we do not ask for complicated behaviors to get preconceived results. We understand breathing and posture as two tools that work together to release any vocal sound comfortably. We ask for free, simple vocal production that produces honest expression and stylistic authenticity.

Somatic Voicework™ is based on Jeannette LoVetri’s 45 plus years of teaching experience and an entire lifetime of singing in multiple styles. The work has been shaped by input from numerous experts from many voice disciplines and is constantly refined to reflect the latest information. It is a marriage of science and art, of the individual uniqueness in each voice and of the commonality of all voices. It is the patient slow development of the voice over time and the changes in each session that manifest as we learn to look, listen and feel more perceptively. It allows the voice to arise from a unity of thought and emotion. Somatic Voicework™ develops a high level of physical strength and flexibility in the voice itself and allows every singer and singing teacher to work in a way that is secure and open, while striving for the highest artistic result in every sound and song.