I gauge progress primarily by how easily the voice is produced not just by how many songs are learned or by how high or loud a student can sing. A beautiful tone, expressive delivery and freedom in the body will allow the singer to perform  the kind of music they like and to enjoy it. Ease of production comes from diligent practice of the technical exercises we do at each lesson. This way the voice is built in a systematic manner. Since technique is always changing, we keep cycling back to the same exercises and variations on them to solidify our ever evolving voice. During each lesson at least 1/3 of the time is spent on technical work. The remaining time is spent on applying technique to the songs, reviewing already learned material and developing musicianship skills.

The main technical elements that we work on are:

  • BREATH MANAGEMENT: easy, silent inhalation; slow controlled exhalation
  • RELAXED VOCAL PRODUCTION: onset and release of tone; easily produced, resonant vowels; stable vocal timbres; easily sustained vocal line
  • ARTICULATION: clear and intelligible vowels and consonants; meaningful words
  • VOCAL AGILITY: rapidly moving passages sung easily with consistent sound
  • RANGE: high and low notes sung with ease and evenness of tone